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Cuadernos de Historia Contemporánea


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Herausgeber:Department of Contemporary History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
ISSN:E-ISSN: 1988-2734, Print ISSN: 0214-400X
Servicio de publicaciones Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
Preis:21,00 €, Abo 18,00 € (Spain); 24,00 € / 26,00 € (Europe); 28,00 €/ 30,00 € (Rest of the world)
Weitere Angaben:jährlich

“Cuadernos de Historia Contemporánea” (CHC) is a well-known Spanish academic journal, devoted to the wide field of modern and contemporary history. It is edited by the department of Contemporary History of the Complutense University of Madrid and published by the Publishing House of the University. After more than thirty years, we have become one of the central journals in the area of contemporary history in Spain and one of the most important within the Latin-American scientific community.

The journal is published yearly; every volume has usually a thematic part (some articles about a single topic, edited by a well-known specialist) and diverse articles about different problems and issues. There is a strong part of reviews with a focus on Spanish and Latin-American history. We publish articles in Spanish and English languages (although in certain cases Portuguese, Italian and French languages are accepted too).

After the publication of the print version, all articles are usually of open access in our net repository in a pdf version.

Nachgewiesene Ausgaben

34, (2012) - La División Azul: una mirada crítica / The Blue Division: a critical look



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