Revolutionary Russia. The Journal of the Study Group on the Russian Revolution

Herausgeber:Sarah Badcock, University of Nottingham, UK; Aaron Retish - Wayne State University, USA
ISSN:0954-6545 (Print), 1743-7873 (Online)
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group,
Preis:EUR 76,00 (Personal); EUR 319,00 (Institution); EUR 287,00 (Institution, online only)
Weitere Angaben:halbjährlich [2 issues per year]

Launched in 1988, and supported by a prestigious Editorial Board, Revolutionary Russia is the only English-language journal to concentrate on the revolutionary period of Russian history, from c.1880-c.1932. As the journal of the Study Group on the Russian Revolution (founded in 1975), it is interdisciplinary and international in approach, publishing original research, documentary sources, book reviews and review articles in the fields of history, politics, economics, sociology, art history and literary and intellectual history from scholars across the world, including Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

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26 (2013), 2
26 (2013), 1
25 (2012), 2
25 (2012), 1
24 (2011), 2
24 (2011), 1
23 (2010), 2
23 (2010), 1
22 (2009), 2
22 (2009), 1
21 (2008), 2

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