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RIHA Journal 0005 (2010)


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Zeitschrift:RIHA Journal. Journal of the International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art
Herausgeber:Das RIHA Journal wird gemeinschaftlich von den Direktoren der 27 Mitgliedsinstitute von RIHA, der International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art (www.riha-institutes.org), herausgegeben. Die Vereinigung wird vertreten durch den jeweiligen RIHA-Vorsitzenden.
Preis:kostenfrei (Open Access)
Weitere Angaben:artikelweise
Ausgabe:0005 (2010)

Peter Stewart:
Geographies of Provincialism in Roman Sculptur



Focusing on Roman Britain but using examples across the empire, this article examines the relevance of geography to the form and distribution of "provincialized" classical imagery in the Roman period. This must be explained with reference to the competence of the craftsmen, the expectations of provincial artists and viewers, and geological factors. In some cases geology rather than culture seems to have a surprisingly large role in determining the presence and absence of sculpture. Attention to the material complexities of the geography of provincial sculpture provides a useful foil to considering Roman imperial art as a pervasive visual culture.


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