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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online


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Herausgeber:Bernhard H. Bayerlein (Executive Editor) Gleb Albert (Assistant Editor)

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies issued since 1993/1994 is a bulletin of basic information for all kind of historical studies related to the history of communist and respective left countries, movements and ideas, for scholars and publicists, archivists and librarians. The multilingual Newsletter aims particularly to be useful as a chronicle in order to accompany the opening processes of the archives in Russia and many other countries. The regular Newsletter sections are: I . The Newsletter of the Newsletters: Communist Studies. Selected Items. II. Archival Problems, Files, Documents, Institutions. II. Projects, Doctoral Thesis, Work in progress. IV. Articles and Materials for Biographical, Regional and Institutional Studies. V. New Publications – Reports and Reviews. VI. Meetings, Conferences and Events. VII. The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. VIII. Directory of Periodicals - Conventional, e-Journals, Newsletters, Discussion Lists, Bulletins. IX. Interesting Websites for Communist Studies. X. Miscellaneous, Personalia, Grants. A more concise paper edition of the Newsletter is published together with the Journal "Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung" by The Aufbau Publishing House, Berlin (see: www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/publikationen/jahrbuch.php)

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XIX (2013), 26
XVIII (2012), 25
XVII (2011), 24
XVI (2010), 23
XV (2009), 22
XIV (2008), 21
XIII (2007), 20
XII (2006), 19
XI (2005), 18
X (2004), 17
IX (2003), 16
VIII (2002), 15
VI/VII (2000/2001), 14


The International Newsletter of Communist Studies
Dr. Bernhard H. Bayerlein
Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschungen
Am Neuen Markt 9d
14467 Potsdam

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