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Journal of Global History 7 (2012), 1


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Zeitschrift:Journal of Global History
Herausgeber:Edited by William Gervase Clarence-Smith SOAS, London, UK Ken Pomeranz University of California, USA Peer Vries Leiden University, Netherlands
ISSN:Print ISSN: 1740-0228
Cambridge University Press,
Preis:Print only: £ 25.00
Weitere Angaben:three times a year
Ausgabe:7 (2012), 1

Financing a new nation: a comparative study of the financial roots of the USA and Gran Colombia, John Muse-Fisher, pp 3 - 26

Another America: Russian mental discoveries of the North-west Pacific region in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Martina Winkler, pp 27 - 51

‘Destiny seems to point me to that country’: early nineteenth century African American migration, emigration, and expansion, Bronwen Everill, pp 53 - 77

Globalizing St George: English associations in the Anglo-world to the 1930s, Tanja Bueltmann, Donald M. MacRaild, pp 79 - 105

An unlevel playing field: national income estimates and reciprocal comparison in global economic history, Morten Jerven, pp 107 - 128

Featured Review Article Strange parallels: Southeast Asia in global context, c. 800–1830. Volume 2: mainland mirrors: Europe, Japan, China, South Asia, and the islands Alan Strathern, pp. 129 - 142

Review Article Why the West rules – for now: the patterns of history and what they reveal about the future, Peer Vries, pp 143 - 147


Journal of Global History,
Room A288,
London School of Economics and Political science,
Houghton Street,

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