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German History 29 (2011), 1


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Zeitschrift:German History. The journal of the German History Society (GH)
Herausgeber:Maiken Umbach, Neil Gregor
ISSN:print: 0266-3554 / online: 1477-089X
Oxford University Press,
Weitere Angaben:Quarterly
Ausgabe:29 (2011), 1

German History has just published its March 2011 issue. View the full table of contents and abstracts here:


Table of Contents
Volume 29 Issue 1 March 2011


Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz
Rules of Inclusion, Rules of Exclusion: The Hanseatic Kontor in Bergen in the Late Middle Ages and its Normative Boundaries
German History (2011) 29(1): 1-22 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq145

Andrew G. Bonnell
Oligarchy in Miniature? Robert Michels and the Marburg Branch of the German Social Democratic Party
German History (2011) 29(1): 23-35 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq146

Anna Saunders
The Luxemburg Legacy: Concretizing the Remembrance of a Controversial Heroine?
German History (2011) 29(1): 36-56 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq147

Hester Vaizey
Empowerment or Endurance? War Wives’ Experiences of Independence During and After the Second World War in Germany, 1939–1948
German History (2011) 29(1): 57-78 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq148


Nazi Terror
German History (2011) 29(1): 79-98 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq152

Conference Report

Stefan Berger
German History Society Conference 2010
German History (2011) 29(1): 99-101 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq149


Daniel Riches
A New Paradigm for Studying the Thirty Years War
German History (2011) 29(1): 102-107 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq150

Review Article

Jennifer Jenkins
Locating Germany
German History (2011) 29(1): 108-126 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq151

Book Reviews

Ian Wood
The Christian Topography of Early Islamic Jerusalem. The Evidence of Willibald of Eichstätt (700–787 CE)
German History (2011) 29(1): 127-128 first published online August 24, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq078

Joyce Salisbury
The Divorce of Lothar II: Christian Marriage and Political Power in the Carolingian World
German History (2011) 29(1): 128-130 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq088

Marc R. Forster
Magistrates, Madonnas and Miracles. The Counter-Reformation in the Upper Palatinate
German History (2011) 29(1): 130-132 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq090

Helmut Puff
Man as Witch: Male Witches in Central Europe
German History (2011) 29(1): 132-134 first published online September 27, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq103

Peter H. Wilson
Dem ganzen Geschlecht nützlich und rühmlich. Reichspfennigmeister Zacharias Geizkofler zwischen Fürstendienst und Familienpolitik
German History (2011) 29(1): 134-135 first published online September 30, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq105

Peter G. Wallace
‘Stiefbrüder’. Nation und Konfession in der Schweiz und in Europa (1656–1712)
German History (2011) 29(1): 135-138 first published online November 13, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq126

Beate Althammer
Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland 1800–1850
German History (2011) 29(1): 138-139 first published online November 1, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq140

Philipp Müller
Love, Death, and Revolution in Central Europe. Ludwig Feuerbach, Moses Hess, Louise Dittmar, Richard Wagner
German History (2011) 29(1): 140-141 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq086

Andrew G. Bonnell
Die andere Seite der Macht. Reichstag und Öffentlichkeit im ‘System Bismarck’ 1871–1890
German History (2011) 29(1): 141-143 first published online September 17, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq093

John Breuilly
Creating the Russian Peril: Education, the Public Sphere, and National Identity in Imperial Germany, 1890–1914
German History (2011) 29(1): 143-144 first published online November 1, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq129

Donald L. Niewyk
Germans into Jews: Remaking the Jewish Social Body in the Weimar Republic
German History (2011) 29(1): 144-146 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq085

Anna von der Goltz
Catholicism and The Roots of Nazism: Religious Identity and National Socialism
German History (2011) 29(1): 146-148 first published online August 24, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq077

John Ondrovcik
Performing the Nation in Interwar Germany: Sport, Spectacle and Political Symbolism, 1926–36
German History (2011) 29(1): 148-150 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq101

Diethard Sawicki
The Stepchildren of Science: Psychical Research and Parapsychology in Germany, c. 1870–1939
German History (2011) 29(1): 150-151 first published online September 23, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq071

Alison Carrol
Alsace to the Alsatians? Visions and Divisions of Alsatian Regionalism, 1870–1939
German History (2011) 29(1): 152-153 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq102

Hermann Beck
Royals and the Reich: The Princes von Hessen in Nazi Germany
German History (2011) 29(1): 153-155 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq083

Larry Eugene Jones
Living with Hitler: Liberal Democrats in the Third Reich
German History (2011) 29(1): 155-158 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq087

Jan Erik Schulte
Remembering Survival: Inside a Nazi Slave-Labor Camp
German History (2011) 29(1): 158-160 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq099

Conan Fischer
After the Fall: German Policy in Occupied France, 1940–1944
German History (2011) 29(1): 160-161 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq095

Tara Zahra
‘For Their Own Good’: Civilian Evacuations in Germany and France, 1939–1945
German History (2011) 29(1): 161-163 first published online September 15, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq092

Julia Sneeringer
Selling Sex in the Reich: Prostitutes in German Society, 1914–1945
German History (2011) 29(1): 163-165 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq106

Joe Perry
Joseph Goebbels: Life and Death
German History (2011) 29(1): 165-167 first published online September 15, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq091

Mark Fenemore
Sozialistische Städte zwischen Herrschaft und Selbstbehauptung. Kommunalpolitik, Stadtplanung und Alltag in der DDR
German History (2011) 29(1): 167-169 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq084

Bill Niven
Erinnerungsorte der DDR
German History (2011) 29(1): 169-170 first published online September 17, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq094

Ronald J. Granieri
Hanseat und Grenzgänger. Erik Blumenfeld—eine politische Biographie
German History (2011) 29(1): 170-172 first published online September 2, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq097

Eli Rubin
Designing Modern Germany
German History (2011) 29(1): 172-174 first published online September 15, 2010 doi:10.1093/gerhis/ghq100


Maiken Umbach
E-Mail: <maiken.umbachmanchester.ac.uk>

Neil Gregor
E-Mail: <ng1soton.ac.uk>

Jim Bjork
Secretary of the German History Society
History Department
King’s College London
Strand Building
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

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