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German History 22 (2004), 1


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Zeitschrift:German History. The journal of the German History Society (GH)
Herausgeber:Richard Bessel, Karin Friedrich
Arnold Publishers,
Preis:2002: Individual: (EU) £53.00
Weitere Angaben:Quarterly
Ausgabe:22 (2004), 1

Violence Between Civilians and State Authorities in the Prussian Rhineland, 1830–1846
Brophy J.M., pp. 1-35(35)

Liberalism, the Worker and the Limits of Bourgeois Öffentlichkeit in Wilhelmine Germany
Sweeney D., pp. 36-75(40)

'The Golden Hunger Years': Music and Superpower Rivalry in Occupied Berlin
Janik E., pp. 76-100(25)

Nicolas Berg and the West German Historians
Wojak I., pp. 101-118(18)

Book Reviews, pp. 119-154(36)


Maiken Umbach
E-Mail: <maiken.umbachmanchester.ac.uk>

Neil Gregor
E-Mail: <ng1soton.ac.uk>

Jim Bjork
Secretary of the German History Society
History Department
King’s College London
Strand Building
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

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