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Journal of Hellenic Studies 121 (2001)


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Zeitschrift:Journal of Hellenic Studies (JHS)
Herausgeber:The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
Selbstverlag des Herausgebers,


Eleanor Dickey, Kurie, Despota, domine. Greek politeness in the Roman Empire, 1

Andrew Laird, Ringing the changes on Gyges: Philosophy and the formation of fiction in Plato's Republic, 12

Rosaria Vignolo Munson, Ananke in Herodotus, 30

Lara O'Sullivan, Philochoros, Pollux, and the nomophulakes of Demetrius of Phalerum, 51

Christopher J. Rowe, Killing Socrates: Plato's later thoughts on democracy, 63

Catherine Rubincam, The topography of Pylos and Sphakteria and Thucydides' measurements of distance, 77

James Warren, Socratic suicide, 91

Stephen White, Io's world: Intimations of theodicy in Prometheus Bound, 107

Shorter Contributions

Christopher P. Jones, Time and place in Philostratus' Heroikos, 141

Christopher Pfaff, Fifth-century contractors' marks at the Argive Heraion, 150

Deborah Steiner, Slander's Bite: Nemean 7.102-5 and the Language of Invective, 154

Annette Teffeteller, The Chariot Rite at Onchestos: Homeric Hymn to Apollo 229-398, 159

Notices of Books, 167

Books received, 225


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