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Journal of Hellenic Studies 126 (2006)


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Zeitschrift:Journal of Hellenic Studies (JHS)
Herausgeber:The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
Selbstverlag des Herausgebers,

Journal of Hellenic Studies 126, 2006

William Allan, Divine justice and cosmic order in early Greek epic, 1

Christopher G. Brown,Pindar on Archilochus and the gluttony of blame (Pyth. 2.52-6), 36

Paul Christesen, Xenophon’s Cyropaedia and military reform in Sparta, 47

Charles H. Cosgrove and Mary C. Meyer, Melody and word accent relationships in ancient Greek musical documents: the Pitch Height Rule, 66

J.E. Lendon, Xenophon and the alternative to realist foreign policy: Cyropaedia 3.1.14-31, 82

Martin Revermann, The competence of theatre audiences in fifth- and fourth-century Athens, 99

Laura Swift, Mixed choruses and marriage songs: a new interpretation of the third stasimon of the Hippolytos, 125


Abstracts: <www.hellenicsociety.org.uk/issues/JHS126.htm>


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