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Journal of Hellenic Studies 125 (2005)


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Zeitschrift:Journal of Hellenic Studies (JHS)
Herausgeber:The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
Selbstverlag des Herausgebers,

Journal of Hellenic Studies 125 (2005)


Sheila L. Ager, Familiarity breeds: incest and the Ptolemaic dynasty, 1

Douglas Cairns, Myth and the polis in Bacchylides' Eleventh Ode, 35

Susanne Ebbinghaus, Protector of the city, or the art of storage in early Greece, 51

Sara Forsdyke, Revelry and riot in archaic Megara: democratic disorder or ritual reversal?, 73

Polly Low, Looking for the language of Athenian imperialism, 93

John Moles, The thirteenth oration of Dio Chrysostom: complexity and simplicity, rhetoric and moralism, literature and life, 112

Shorter contributions

Myles Burnyeat, On the source of Burnet's construal of Apology 30b2-4: a correction, 139

John H. Oakley, Laurialan Reitzammer, A Hellenistic terracotta and the Gardens of Adonis, 142

Tim Whitmarsh, The lexicon of love: Longus and Philetas grammatikos, 145

Reviews of Books, 149


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