Journal of Hellenic Studies 128 (2008)

Zeitschrift:Journal of Hellenic Studies (JHS)
Herausgeber:The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
Selbstverlag des Herausgebers,

Journal of Hellenic Studies 128, 2008

Timothy E. Duff, Models of education in Plutarch, 1

Jonas Grethlein, Memory and material objects in the Iliad and the Odyssey, 27

Stefan Hagel, Re-evaluating the Pompeii auloi, 52

John Ma, Chaironeia 338: topographies of commemoration, 72

Joseph L. Rife, The burial of Herodes Atticus: élite identity, urban society, and public memory in Roman Greece, 92

Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood, A reading of two fragments of Sophilos, 128

John Wilkins, Athenaeus the navigator, 132

Andreas Willi, nósos and hosíe: etymological and sociocultural observations on the concepts of disease and divine (dis)favour in ancient Greece, 153

Reviews of books, 172

Index of books reviewed, 303


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