Industrial Engineering, 1850-2000 - 150th Anniversary of the School of Barcelona (1851-2001)

Call for Papers Deadline: 2000-06-06

International Symposium on History of Engineering

Barcelona, 18th-19th September 2000

A new kind of engineer educated in schools, with a marked industrial orientation, appeared in Europe in the middle of the XIXth century. This new engineer, who differed from the state engineer, came to play a key role in the industrialization of Europe. At the same time, a new discipline came into being -industrial science. In Spain, industrial education first received official recognition on the 4th September 1850 and, shortly afterwards, the degree of Industrial Engineer was established. The first industrial schools opened their doors in October 1851. Of these schools, the School of Barcelona is the only one that still continues to function. This school was, thus, the main training centre for engineers during the industrialization of Spain in the last third of the XIXth century and throughout the XXth century.

The aims of the Symposium are to study the education of industrial engineers and technicians in general and to assess their performance in different areas: industry, state administration and liberal professions. The Symposium also deals with the development of industrial education at all levels i.e. vocational schools, night schools, art schools, secondary schools etc.

The Symposium will include plenary lectures given by experts in the history of Engineering in different countries (England, Germany, France, USA, Spain,...), which will give a comparative perspective to the meeting.

The Symposium will be open to researchers and students from different fields. Their communications would be distributed as follows:

a) Industrial education in Spain and in the world at different levels (from apprenticeship to engineering). Educational models. The School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona.

b) Industrial Engineering by sectors: mechanics, chemistry, textile, electricity, agriculture, mining, railways, transport, communications, construction, public hygiene, management, electronics, environment, materials, nuclear power, renewable energies, data processing and computers, automatics...

c) Social studies. Social origin of technicians and engineers; engineers as a social group; ideology and politics. Engineering and gender.

d) Engineering and transfer of technology. Inventions and patents. Adaptation and innovation. Technological research.

e) Engineering and the economy. Technology and economic development. Teaching Economy at Engineering schools.

f) Biographies of engineers and technicians.

Oral communications and posters

Oral Communications and posters related to any of the above sections or those concerning the general subject of the Symposium can be submitted. The communications may be written in Catalan, Spanish, English or in any of the languages of Spain or the European Union. The title of the communication should be sent with the registration.

The deadline for abstracts of a maximum of 20 lines (2.000 letters) written in Word or compatible system is 6th June 2000. A diskette or attachment to crht@etseib.upc.es should be enclosed. Notification of acceptance will be given by the Scientific Committee.

During the Symposium, each oral communication will be allotted 20 minutes (duration of the communication may be modified depending on the number of communications presented). A brief discussion will follow each communication. The posters will be displayed throughout the Symposium and will be presented at specific sessions. The Scientific Committee reserve the right to determine the type of presentation: oral communication or poster.

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