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Network for the New Diplomatic History

Institution:several institutions, several places

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a network for the New Diplomatic History. Diplomatic history is very old but is being rediscovered as historians have become increasingly receptive to trends in cultural studies, advances in the social sciences, and to the further incorporation of state and non-state actors into the study of international, transnational and global history.

The aim is to create a virtual salon devoted to the study of diplomacy in ways that integrate political and economic narratives with other perspectives and methodologies such as prosopography, the sociology of knowledge, gender theory and network analysis. Our interests include, inter alia, the history of diplomatic institutions, practices, languages, norms, symbols, families, literature, associations, attitudes and methods.

Our goal is to restore and reassert professional diplomats and other diplomatic actors as important subjects of historical study while paving the way for new innovations in the understanding of international society. Although most of our own work is in the modern era, we are open to members with any chronological and geographic expertise.

Activities of the network will include an online forum for discussion, the exchange of research, conferences and publications. Those interested in joining the network may write to newdiplogmail.com and include a c.v. and statement of interest.

Houssine Alloul, University of Antwerp
Michael Auwers, University of Antwerp
Nevra Biltekin, Stockholm University
Louis Clerc, University of Turku
Karen Gram-Skjoldager, Aarhus University
Michael Jonas, Helmut-Schmidt University
Ariane Leendertz, Ludwig-Maximilians University
Kenneth Weisbrode, Bilkent University



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